Karen Goddard

Fearless use of color
creates extraordinary freedom

Karen is fearless in her use of color. Her current body of work is inspired by her love of flowers and the beautiful landscapes around the Gold Coast where she lives in Australia. The vast and pristine beaches and seascapes, the waterways, rain forests and hinterland give an unlimited source of inspiration.

A diverse artist who enjoys the challenge of constantly expanding her range of compositions. The need to remain authentic in her craft leads her to defy what’s expected of her and embrace this diversity.

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“There is much value in diversity.” My art exists through all the layers of my life. I see art in everything around me, it therefore makes sense to achieve a depth to the range of compositions that I produce. My work is evoked by an emotional response to the chronicle of everyday life. The layers upon layers are part of the process in seeking to ultimately resolve the work. The culmination is a positive outcome such as resilience, tenacity, or an inner strength that we all so often need in the face of adversity. It is hoped that the viewer makes an emotional connection in their own way, the work draws them in and communicates this positive response.“

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